Brief Introduction
      Nantong Times Clothing Co. Ltd was established in August 1992. The company specializes in the knitting, dyeing, finishing, and processing of top quality fabrics. Also as a first-class knitwear manufacturer, a complete knitwear streamline has been established which includes knitting, bleaching, dyeing, making tubular fabrics, width opening, finishing, sewing, printing, embroidering, washing, and garment dyeing. 1,500 employees work in a complex of 36,000 sq. meters, resulting in 5,000 tons of knit fabric, 20 million pieces of knit-wear, and 300 million yuan in output value annually. With a total investment amounting to 200 million yuan, the company¡¯s capital assets reach about 100 million yuan.
¡¡     Following the company spirit ¡°Aiming at top-grade¡±, we adopted an advanced management model from Japan. The quality of our products are extremely reliable, which makes us the base of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) operations for both international and domestic brands. The company enjoys doing business in countries and regions such as China, Japan, Europe, the United States, and Hong Kong. Because of factory quality and efficiency, the company gets favorable reviews from its customers. Among a few of the awards granted are the ¡°Top 100 Garment Enterprises in China¡±, ¡°Double-Excellent Enterprise with Foreign Investment in China¡±, ¡°Top 50 Garment Enterprises in Jiangsu Province¡±, and the title of ¡°Top 500 Garment Enterprises Competitiveness in China¡± from 2007 to 2008.¡¡

      Plenty of experience in knit-wear manufacturing has developed in the past ten years. It is our duty to continue improving as we strive for perfection in technology, service, and quality. With our professionalism in the workplace and unity on the production line, Nantong Times Clothing Co. will manufacture the most competitive products and services to customers. We encourage you to work with us to build solid and long-lasting relationships.
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